What Type of Air Conditioning Is Best for You?

Not sure what type of air conditioning is best for you? We list some of the key features of each type of air conditioner to help you find your perfect unit. Comfort is a must, whether you’re in the home or office, which is best achieved with a well-ventilated environment. As such, air conditioning installation in Perth should be a no-brainer. After all, having an air conditioning system has so many benefits:

  • You will be able to enjoy your time indoors. With a good air conditioning unit, you can relax at home or work efficiently in the office without worrying about the heat outside.
  • You can make your space healthier. Extreme heat can bring about several health problems in the household, and humidity can also make your home or office a breeding ground for mould, mildew and other allergens that could trigger allergy attacks or asthma. Having an air conditioning unit reduces your exposure to these allergens and make your work or living space healthier.
  • You can spend less time worrying about safety and security. How many times have you heard in the news that a house was robbed because a window was open? But with an air conditioning unit, you don’t need to open any windows or doors just to let some air inside. This makes your home or office a lot safer against burglars and robbers.

Now, if you’re already beginning to look at an air conditioning unit for your home or office, you might be overwhelmed with the many options you have in the market today. To make that decision easy, we talk about these four best types of air conditioning units and what makes them beneficial.

Ducted air conditioning

A ducted air conditioning unit is one of the most common options for air conditioning because it’s both efficient and economical. This type of air conditioning works through a central unit that’s usually installed on the roof, which funnels cool air through a series of ducts into every room of the house or office. Since there’s a designated duct for each area, it gives you complete control of the airflow and temperature around the space to maximise energy usage. Aside from being an efficient cooling system during the summer, a ducted air conditioning unit can also offer heating during the cool winter months. 

The benefits of ducted air conditioning

  • It is the quietest among all air conditioning units since air vents are placed on the roof or outside your house. It’s even more silent than split-type air conditioning units. 
  • You have full control of how cool you want every room to be. This makes energy usage more efficient. You can even turn off zones for areas that you’re not using often, so you don’t need to turn off the entire unit anymore.
  • Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning units are some of the most energy-efficient because they don’t only allow you to control airflow in each room. Still, they also help maintain that desired temperature so you can keep yourself comfortable while keeping operations running efficiently. Ducted air conditioning is also very durable, so you don’t require constant maintenance to keep it up and running. 

Perhaps the only downside to using a ducted air conditioning unit is the installation. But you don’t need to worry about that because you can always call Perth’s installation experts who can help you get things sorted in no time.

Ducted air conditioning is the right choice for you if you want:

  • Keep the silence in your home or office.
  • Full control over the temperature in every room in your space.
  • Evenly distributed air during the summer.
  • Constructing a new home or doing a major renovation.

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Evaporative air conditioning

Evaporative air conditioning is relatively newer than other options. It works by using evaporation to produce cooler air inside your home or office. It follows the same principle as a moist cloth on a hot day, which cools down your head as the water evaporates. An evaporative air conditioning unit usually consists of a fan, a water reservoir and a thick pad that works on blowing cool air inside your space during those hot summer days.

The benefits of evaporative air conditioning

  • It is more energy efficient because you only need to run the fan that draws airflow towards the cooling pad. Standard air conditioners use up to seven times as much electricity as your evaporative air conditioning unit.
  • It is one of the most sustainable options because it leaves a lesser carbon footprint due to lower electricity usage. Evaporative air conditioning also doesn’t use any harmful chemical refrigerants but only water to produce cool air inside your home or office. 

Evaporative air conditioning is the right choice for you if you:

  • Live in an area with a dry climate because dry air will allow water to evaporate quickly and make your space cool fast.
  • Want an air conditioning unit that’s not harmful to the environment.
  • Keep your electricity bills low.
  • Want to keep your doors and windows open.

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Split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioning is probably the most popular type of air conditioning unit for air conditioning in Perth because it’s easy to install, maintain and use. It consists of two parts: an indoor unit that contains the filter, fan and evaporator, and an outdoor unit that contains the condenser, fan, and compressor. Both these units are connected by copper piping, allowing them to work together to cool your home or office.

The benefits of split system air conditioning

  • Split system air conditioning is effortless because you don’t need to worry about any ductwork, unlike your traditional air conditioning unit.
  • It is quieter than most air conditioning units producing only 19 decibels, which is slightly louder than a whisper.
  • You have the option to designate zones in your house and control them with their thermostat. This helps you save more energy and lower down your electricity bills significantly.

Split system air conditioning is the right choice for you if you:

  • Want something easy to install and maintain.
  • Have bigger rooms in your house.
  • The ceiling is well insulated.
  • Need an air conditioning unit that operates quietly.
  • Control over the temperature in different areas in your home.

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Multi-split system air conditioning

A multi-split system air conditioning unit is essentially a type of split air conditioning that’s designed to cool multiple rooms at once. Unlike your traditional split air conditioner, a multi-split system features up to five air outlets connected to a single compressor. The interior units can also be mounted to the ceiling or wall, or you can opt for a floor-standing unit. 

The benefits of a multi-split system

  • Cool down different parts of your house according to your exact needs.
  • Option to choose different indoor units depending on the space, location and orientation of a room in your house. You can go for a bigger air conditioning unit for bigger spaces and quieter ones for bedrooms.
  • Each unit can be controlled independently to ensure your comfort and convenience.
  • It’s one of the most energy-efficient options that help you cut down on electricity costs significantly.

Multi-split air conditioning is the right choice if you:

  • Have a big home or office with a lot of rooms to cool.
  • Plan to expand your space in your home.
  • Need an air conditioning unit that’s easy to maintain.
  • Complete control of temperatures in every room in your space.
  • Affordable yet easy to install with the help of air conditioning installation Perth experts.

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To make the right decision, you should also consider these essential factors when choosing an air conditioning system for your home or office:

  • Take into account your budget. This will help you narrow down your options within the price point you’re willing to work with. Air conditioners are an investment, but you don’t need to break your bank to cool down your home or office.
  • Consider space restrictions. Some air conditioning units need to be mounted on the wall or ceiling, and others may require some ductwork. This is why it’s very important to assess your physical space first to know which type of air conditioning unit would be the easiest to install.
  • Think about your needs. What exactly do you need an air conditioning unit for? Determining your needs will help you choose the right type of air conditioning to cool down a small or big space, the type of installation that you’re willing to undergo and the expenses of not only buying the unit but also the installation and maintenance.

Buying an air conditioning unit for your home or office is a significant investment. This is why it’s best to take your time in evaluating the different types of air conditioning that’s available for you, so you know exactly what you’re investing in. And to make sure that you’re only getting the best product for your needs, it’s best to get in touch with a professional team that specialises in air conditioning installation in Perth.